Zoning regulations and building codes make  minimal housing unaffordable to minimum wage, and unemployed workers. Built to inspire secure housing options for the mobile homeless.

Occupy Eugene made apparent the need for secure, dry, warm shelter, in a community setting. When the City of Eugene broke up occupy and made more camping permits available for cars and campers. I decided to build an insulated "bicycle camper" for those who cannot afford a car or camper. The structure could be built from a wide range of materials.  Oregon Trail pioneers were allowed a place for a new start, we should allow today's homeless a place for a new start.

Setting aside locations for this type of structure will minimize dispersed waste, allow health care and social workers easier access to the needy. Such sites can also foster self governance and social responsibility.

Secure Insulated Shelter

Help the unsheltered

$1000 - $1500 in materials to build each shelter. Labor has been volunteer. If you can help, contact BIll or Ed in Creswell or GoFundMe